White Sheet – Miss K

I’ve been working with a group of wonderful women as my Elementz VIP group.  This is one of those clients.  She’s a repeater, which means she’s been in the studio multiple times. She loves doing boudoir sessions very much, and is what I consider to be a good representation of all my clients.  She’s a mom, grandmother (yes she is) and just a beautiful human being.

For her first VIP style we went with a white sheet session.  White sheet sessions are designed for the person that wants to go nude, but needs a bit of a security blanket (the white sheet, of course) to help through the process.  The beauty of it is that you don’t need any lingerie and you can just be YOU!!!  I’d say they are probably becoming one of the more popular style choices by far.

Check out Miss K’s images and be amazed by this incredible woman.