The Perfect Session

When asked by clients on what sort of session is best for them my answer is “what are you hoping to achieve from it”.  Do you want a dark anonymous feel, or do you want something that has a light, fresh and clean feel.  Those simple descriptions will help me direct you to the style that best suits you.  And of course, you may feel like you want them all, which is just the perfect excuse to come back for another boudoir session.

As with this client.  She’s been a boudoir client for many years.  I’ve been privileged to photograph her in a dark session, light session, nude session, and a white sheet session, which I’m sharing with you below.  She’ll be back in next week to help me show off my wonderful new location.  I can’t wait to share more amazing boudoir images of her … plus I’ll be doing a new studio sample of all of her amazing sessions, which I’ll be sure to share here as well.