Survive and Celebrate it!!

Breast Cancer … it’s one of the realities of being a woman and what any of us could be faced with in our lifetime. Of course nobody wants to think about it and it’s very hard when someone we know has to travel that road.

Enter Rebecca, one of the wonderful women that I have had the honour to photograph many times over the last several years.  She contacted me quite recently about doing a photo shoot.  Unfortunately breast cancer had reared it’s ugly head in her life and she wanted to celebrate this point in her life.  She’d had the surgery, she did the chemo, she had lost her hair, but she needed to feel like a beautiful woman again.  How lovely that she contacted me to help her with that.

I’d like to share what she had to say about her session, and then, of course, share the wonderful images that resulted from this session:


“Judy consistently blows me away with her talent. I mean, look at these! When we were discussing what we wanted to do for this shoot, of course the elephant in my life right now came up immediately in our conversation. After losing my hair and not feeling super positive about how I look, I wanted to celebrate and commemorate this time in my life, and to show myself that bald is beautiful. Judy wanted to show my strength and resilience, and make it clear that breast cancer didn’t win here, and won’t. As always, Judy made me feel beautiful, comfortable, and most importantly, strong as hell. This is the way she has always made me feel during a shoot, and then the best part, she hands me stunning images so that I remember that feeling forever. I have only ever received joy from working with her, and I look forward to continuing to do so!”