Second Time Around with Mrs. D

One of the things that I enjoy very much is shooting a client multiple times.  First time can always be a challenge for the client, especially because they really don’t know what to expect from their session. Of course I’m always happy that they find themselves thrilled with the images, and even happier when they book their next session to come back.  It’s fantastic and honestly a huge compliment to me.  Such is the case with Mrs. D.  Her first session was a huge hit with the hubby, so she decided that she would do another session, white sheet this time, to compliment the first one and then an album for Christmas.  I’m excited to hear what he thinks of the book when she gives it to him.

Here’s what she had to say about her session:

“I have now done two boudoir shoots with Judy and both have been absolutely amazing!  Any fears or insecurities of mine melted upon meeting the lady behind the gorgeous photos; she’s down to earth, kind and funny.  Even if you have no clue how to be sexy or pose – she makes it happen! From when you first walk in to her unique loft studio to the “photo reveal”, Judy will take you on the boudoir ride of your life!

 The entire preparation process from choosing what to wear (or not wear!) to makeup and hair is fun and yes…indulgent!!  It felt incredibly satisfying to get an opportunity to set aside some time to focus on me!    

 A most gifted photographer, Judy truly knows how to capture each and every woman’s beauty.  She makes being vulnerable feel like a warm summer’s breeze!  Of course you’re nervous, but excited at the same time… it’s an experience that forces you out of your comfort zone a little bit but makes you feel wonderfully alive!

 Judy’s talented eye exposed a sexy, sensual, confident version of myself that I love!  When I gifted my husband the photos the first time around, he loved them so much that he projected them from a large wall in our house the night of my fortieth birthday party!  Everyone loved them!  Thank you, Judy, for capturing, and essentially immortalizing, my truest and sexiest self!    I’ll be back!”

And of course I’ll be thrilled to have her back again and again and again!!!!