Retouching Services

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As a photographer for 20 years, one thing I’ve come to understand is that the photography part of what we do is such a small part of running our business. The other important thing that I’ve learned is to let go of the things I really don’t want to do myself. Retouching and design, as a skill of mine is something that I can offer to other photographers, to help them dig out of what can sometimes feel like a black hole of constant WORK. This is why, as a boudoir photographer, if you really hate retouching then hiring someone to take that huge job off your plate can be like a breathe of fresh air. Let someone else, namely us, do that for you instead!!


Every client is unique. Understanding the world of the boudoir photography, which we do very well, is to know that each artist presents their images to suit their style and aesthetic. For that reason, we make a huge effort to retouch your images to suit your specific needs. We work with every client to build a personalized image workflow that provides a finished product that they are proud to present to their client.


If you’re interested in using our services, feel free to contact me at and I will chat with you about the process.  (Right now we are at our capacity and not taking on any new clients. I am expanding and adding employees so at any point I could be taking new clients, so keeping in contact with me is always a good idea. I don’t do a wait list because it’s just to difficult to keep track of everyone that inquires, so I’ll just leave that in your hands!!:))


Retouching Prices – $3.50 to $4 per image – I will determine the work your images will need and invoice you accordingly. 

Additional charge fee in the range of $4.00-$4.50 per image. 


I thought it might be useful to provide a definition of what I consider to be a reason to charge more for additional attention.   So here are the things that can impact the pricing of your images:

  • Acne – when this affects the entire face and makes it difficult to get a “natural” result. This takes a considerable amount of time and patience and usually affects the majority of your images.
  • Abundance of forehead wrinkles (because ultimately the face pretty much appears in the majority of your images) and falls in the same line as Acne
  • Stretch marks – this is something that is subjective. A few stretch marks on the hip area and tummy area are not something that I’d usually charge more for, but when the client has stretch marks that are dark, wrinkled and/or cover a large portion of the stomach area, shoulders, thighs, etc., this can be difficult to retouch. In some instances this might just affect a couple of images and wouldn’t incur a charge, but if there are a lot of images where the stretch marks are dominant, then it could affect your per image charge.
  • Varicose veins – much in the same way stretch marks affect your images, legs with a lot of these types of veins can take a great deal of work.  Again, it would be based on how many images this impacts in your job.
  • Cellulite – same as stretch marks and varicose veins.  This is cellulite on an “extreme” basis.
  • Tattoo elimination – this can really be tricky, especially when the tattoo intersects clothes, folds, etc. This will always incur an additional charge unless the tattoo is super small and only affects a limited number of the shots.
  • Alligator skin – this is something that happens in really pale people. It’s like their skin photographs with an alligator/patchy pattern. It can affect legs (usually the most), arms and stomach area. This requires a boatload of extra time and care. So when this happens there is definitely going to be an additional charge. 
  • Bad makeup jobs – whether this is because your makeup artist made a mess or because the client’s skin caused it to run.  Biggest issue is fixing loose false lashes. This takes a HUGE amount of time to repair. Again, if it effects lots of images and it’s a major repair, then there will be a charge.

Other Charges:

Raw Processing – $.25 per image

Rush Fee – $1.00 per image (based on needing the job before normal turnaround times)

Couple’s Fee – $1.00 for each image where an additional person is in the image (couple) or a clearly in focus mirror image along with a regular body image needs retouching, so essentially 2 people again.  If your mirror image is out of focus this will not apply


Regular turnaround is on an 7-10 day cycle (which does NOT include WEEKENDS when we are closed). If you need to have your job before 7 days, you will check off “RUSH” on the form and the additional fee will be applied. As always, it’s best to check with me first to see if I can deliver in the timeframe you need.



As much as I’d like to say I can reserve dates ahead for you, this is impossible. I simply can’t do it. I process a minimum of 500-600 images a week. It is simply on a first come, first serve basis.  My booking method has to be fair for everyone and that is by giving you dates as you are submitting your job. If you are shooting and submitting the same day, you can always check with me that morning on what the next available date is, especially if you are trying to book a reveal. In that case I will then pencil you because I know the job is coming immediately.


To submit a session for retouching, please fill in this form … .  On the form, please name your job the same as your Upload Folder, i.e. with the client’s name if that’s easiest.  This helps me if I’m receiving multiple jobs from you.  I can keep them sorted much easier if each job has a distinctive name.



I use a system called “SYNC”.  Once we decide if we will be working together, I will setup a folder system for you.  It’s very similar to Dropbox as a drag and drop system into a folder.



I will accept images in any format you prefer, however, my preference is for high resolution JPGs, that have been as cleanly processed as possible (meaning no fancy actions or presets applied yet) as they are easier to work with.  I always suggest you apply your final creative work to the final retouched images. Of course if you are asking for Raw Processing then I expect you to send me your image files from camera. I work in Lightroom and do not provide the Lightroom catalogs. If you wish that, then load your images into a catalog and send it with your images. I’ll work with that catalog and send it back to you.



All billing is through Paypal in U.S. Funds unless you are Canadian. Canadians are billed in Cdn Funds with full taxes applied.  You will be billed upon submission of your job. Payment is due before the job begins.


If you have any other questions, please feel free to email me and I’ll do my best to answer them.


I’m looking forward to working with you and on your images!!




Jen Rozenbaum
Judy has a fantastic service. She is reliable, trustworthy and easy to work with. Her services allow me to have someone on my team that I trust without the expense of a full time employee. That allows me to make more money and be more productive!


As a boudoir photographer, deciding to outsource a portion of my retouching was a big decision that I didn’t take lightly. It finally came to a point where I was turning away clients because I couldn’t fit any more editing into my schedule and that’s when I decided something had to change. I had a lot of worries about hiring a retoucher. I worried about everything from client privacy to the quality of the work. I didn’t want there to be a quality difference between the images I retouched and ones I hired out. I tried a few retouchers and retouching services and almost gave up and then I found Judy. From the time I received her first few edits, I was sold. Judy is the very definition of professional. Her editing skill is exceptional and she never cuts corners with her clients. Beyond that, she is a great communicator and listens to exactly what my needs are for every job. She knows my style but is also more than happy to accommodate specific client requests should the need arise. And, possibly most importantly, I know I can trust her completely with my images and my clients’ privacy. Since working with Judy, my business has grown in ways that would have previously been impossible! I can spend twice as much time shooting now that I know I have a talented, reliable, professional retoucher that I can trust! Thank you Judy!