Luxurious Collection Product

September 1 I will be introducing a new price list with several amazing new features and wonderful collections.  One of the new collections coming is the “Luxurious” package, which contains items that I’ve never had available previously.

I will still be using the same amazing album company, which can now provide me with a matching 2-image print folio to go with your beautiful album.  The album cover for this package is a gorgeous pearl acrylic print which you can combine with the upgraded fabrics, like the burgundy one featured below.

To go with this package is also an 8×10 acrylic block print.  Again a stunning pearl print encased in 1″ thick acrylic.  A gorgeous accent piece for any bedroom, bookcase or desk.  And lastly all digital image files for the collection come on a Crystal Heart USB.  It’s simply adorable, but don’t take my word for it, see for yourself.