Boudoir is …

What do you think boudoir is? Just some photos of women in lingerie. Okay, yes that’s the simple answer. However, the truth is that it’s so much more for each person in front of the camera.

When I think of all of the clients I’ve photographed, no matter their age and where they are in their lives, I know that I’ve given them a wonderful glimpse into that moment. I think that we spend so much of our time not appreciating who we are as women.

I hear all the time about how fantastic a client felt after their session, and then how amazed they were by the finished images. The whole experience being a positive one, which I think is so important because we all know that most of the time we spend our energy looking for all of our faults.

So my rule at the studio is that you leave your negative thoughts outside, and only bring the good stuff in with you. Then what you get is images like these …:)