Meet Your Photographer

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My name is Judy Cormier and I am Elementz of Fotographie. Photography is my passion, its what really inspires and moves me.  There’s nothing complicated about it. I care about my clients. I want everyone to feel like their session is just as important to me as it is to them. My individual style and attention to detail will leave you feeling loved both inside and out. While I call myself a creative portrait photographer and interject my own photographic style, I also find great joy in helping you define your unique personality through your boudoir experience.

I love what I do, and I love the people I do it for (and I love my little furry friends too!) Hope to meet you soon.

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We did a short video to give you an idea of what your session would be like.  Meet me and hear me explain what I feel doing a boudoir session is about.  It’s an important personal step, and one that I think every woman should take.

Many thanks to Vince Calamia of TVE Productions for the video, Linda Radan for the hair and makeup and to our amazing model, Joleen Charity.

Light and Dark Boudoir from Elementz from Judy Cormier on Vimeo



My studio location is in my home located in downtown Hamilton.  The house was built in 1910 and carries a very warm, vintage feel with built in bookcases, and amazing wood trim.  It’s small and intimate, with a very comfortable feel.  Perfect for my style of images in both natural light or with in a darker, artificially lit feel for my darker sessions.

When you book your session, I will provide you with full directions on how to get to my studio and where to park.